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Welcome to the Prince Bishops Shopping Centre style blog. Here, our style team will bring you the hottest fashion trends, the latest in hair and beauty, select great gift guides (so you don’t have to) and scour the shops to find finishing touches to make your house a home.


Go crazy for Kimonos

Everyone is going crazy for Kimonos this summer.  The loose-fitting jackets, based on traditional Japanese apparel, have taken the high street by storm.  This versatile piece sees them doubling up as beachwear, festival must-haves or an easy, yet stylish, option to team up with your skinnies and heels.


The Kimono is one of the most instantly recognizable Japanese dress and the country's rich textile past has provided the inspiration for this summer staple, with offerings coming in a guise of colours, textures, shapes and fringing.


The word kimono meaning ‘the thing worn’ was traditionally worn by everyone in Japan up until the middle of the 19th century, but with the import of suits, dresses and other western fashions, this began to slowly change and Kimonos are now reserved to special occasions such as weddings, funerals or tea ceremonies.


Interestingly, in Japan, the patterns on Kimonos reflect more than just personality and style – your Kimono (and dressings) reflects your social standing, marital status and personal identity. Luckily for us, we can just pop into the shop and choose the one we like!  Here are some of our favorites from New Look’s latest collections.




Cameo rose grey floral print Kimono, £19.99 from New Look.


Mink soft drop pocket Kimono blaze, £19.99 from New Look.


Green floral print drop pocket Kimono, £22.99 from New Look.



Black oriental print Kimono, £22.99 from New Look.



Grey crepe blossom print Kimono, £19.99 from New Look.



Black chiffon bird print cropped Kimono, £17.99 from New Look.


Happy Kimono shopping!