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It's OK not to feel OK


It's OK not to feel OK.


Our amazing charity partner If U Care Share Foundation believes that suicide is preventable and talking about our feelings can save lives and here at Prince Bishops Shopping Centre we totally agree! If U Care Share Foundation have launched their latest campaign - 'Inside Out' which encourages everyone to  start a conversation about we are feeling. Did you know that around 75% of people who take their own life have showed no prior signs of distress or had any contact with mental health services?


The aftermath of suicide is both devastating and life changing not just for families and friends, but entire communities. As a result those that are left behind have their lives quite literally turned ‘Inside Out’.


So what can you do to support the campaign?


It's not about money - although any donations are appreciated as this specific campaign receives no external funding. This campaign is about raising awareness of the importance of having life saving conversations.  The campaign itself is very simple; all that is asked is that people from all over the country get involved and wear at least one item of clothing ‘Inside Out’ on the 10th September, to coincide with Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day. Then simply take a #ASKMEWHY selfie with your your ‘inside out’-fit and share on social media. 


Get Involved


Support If U Care Share Foundation and spread this important message by joining in on Inside Out day. Get involved HERE.