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Prince Bishops Style Page


Welcome to the Prince Bishops Shopping Centre style page. Here, our style team will bring you the hottest fashion trends, the latest in hair and beauty, select great gift guides (so you don’t have to) and scour the shops to find finishing touches to make your house a home.


Your True Nature - Discover this season's key jewellery trends by Pandora


Spring jewellery trends: Your True Nature


This season at Pandora Durham, the jewellery trends are all about showcasing the pure femininity of nature, as the world rebounds from the coldness of winter and nature begins to blossom and bloom anew. Subtle pinks and rich greens are hot combinations this season, while symbols of harmony and renewal are reflected in nature-inspired symbolism to show mother nature's pure feminine power.




Luck be a lady


Don't wait for luck to fall in your lap during this season's spring style. Remind the world that luck be a lady, and that lady is you. Show off your season's status with radiant nature-inspired jewellery. Try combining sterling silver clover earrings, a ring, and a necklace with an outfit of modest greens can create a bright, but subtle, statement. If you want your luck to dazzle those around you, you can pair our sparkling green tinted clover pendants and charms with an outfit of soft pinks to be both bold and stylish.




Wish on a ladybird


The ladybird is another symbol of luck and prosperity. It is said that if you hold a ladybird and make a wish when it flies away it will make that wish come true. So why not wear a ladybird all the time, and have an endless supply of wishes. The Pandora Rose ladybird pendant and the Pandora Reflexions ladybird clip are the perfect selections for this seasons jewellery trends. Go subtle and sophisticated in a white blouse with a ladybird pendant as a playful accent. Or go bold and bodacious in all-out polka dots, accented by a blissful ladybird charm.





Fluttering with style 


Another powerful symbol for this season's spring style is the beautiful butterfly. A representation of rebirth and freedom. The Pandora butterfly symbolises a woman’s daily transformations, diversity and having the freedom to “fly” - to be truly you in mind, body, spirit and style, and let it all soar. A dazzling sterling silver butterfly necklace or bracelet can add a bit of sparkle to a casual outfit. Threading our brand new Pandora Shine butterflies like beads on a snake chain necklace can make a simple white T look extravagant. And when you truly need to be glamorous, pairing any of our two-tone openwork butterflies with an evening gown can say that you are both beautiful and complex.




Let your true nature blossom 


The blooming of flowers is the truly iconic symbol of spring and represents how the world is full of beauty, uniqueness and diversity. A flower is a reminder to celebrate the uniqueness of you, and that new parts of yourself can always grow and become magnificent. You can compliment springs coolest colours with jewellery in any number of flower styles and metal tonalities. Our stackable flower crown rings come in our trinity of beautiful metals, which can be paired with any style palette - giving you the flexibility to dazzle no matter what you're wearing. Or try combining any of our Sparkle Flower charms with modest natural tones for a smart, yet glamorous, look. 



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