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Keep Your Distance and Keep Smiling

As our retailers gradually reopen their stores during June, we are asking everyone to adhere to the following social distancing measures during their visit to Prince Bishops Shopping Centre & car park. In line with the latest Government advice on social distancing, we ask that you be thoughtful of others and help us help you, by following the below measures. 


    Maintain your distance.

   • Please observe the two-metre social distancing guidelines and maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from others. 

   • The retailers at Prince Bishops may have their own social distancing procedures in place. Please check with the individual stores. 


    Keep left & keep moving. 

   • To aid the pedestrian flow around the Prince Bishops Shopping Centre, please keep moving and don't dwell in areas.

   • Keep left when moving up and down the car park stairwells. 


    Queuing areas. 

  • Please use the designated queuing areas outside of each store where appropriate.

  • Please be aware, there are restrictions on the number of people permitted in the queuing areas outside of stores.  


    Additional signage. 

   • We have introduced additional signage to help everybody follow the social distancing guidelines.  

   • If in doubt about any of the social distancing guidelines, please ask a member of the team.


    Using the lifts. 

   • Wait for the lift within the marked areas and allow space for people coming out of the lift.

   • The use of the lifts is restricted to a single person occupancy or household group.

   • Use the stairs if you are able to do so. 


    Be mindful of others.

   • Be kind and courteous to one another. Respect our staff and the staff within our stores. 

   • Keep your distance & keep smiling. Help us to help keep you safe. 

For further information or assistance please call Prince Bishops Shopping Centre on 0191 375 0416 or email us at