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Ticketless Parking in the heart of Durham city!


Since January 2015 you no longer need to collect a yellow chip on entry. Prince Bishops Car Park operates using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. It’s easy to use; you just need to remember your car registration number when you return to the paystation to pay for your parking.


Here's how it works:


  • 1. Slowly drive up to the barrier
  • 2. Our cameras will capture your registration number and the barrier will raise
  • 3. Shop, enjoy your visit and remember your registration number
  • 4. Return to the paystation, enter your registration number and then make payment
  • 5. Return to your vehicle and proceed to the exit barrier
  • 6. Drive slowly up to the barrier and our cameras will check your number plate, validate your payment and the barrier will raise.




Q. Do I need to collect a yellow chip on entry to the car park?

A. You no longer need to collect a chip when you enter the car park. Just drive slowly to the barrier and our cameras will capture your registration number and the barriers will raise.


Q. Where are the toilets?

A. There are ladies toilets located on the staircase at level 7 and Gents on the staircase at level 5  - head to the paystation lobby area to access these levels.           


Q.  Do the payment machines give change?

A.    The payment machines do give change, and you also have the facility to make debit/credit card payments.


Q.  How does the system know how long I've been parked for?

A.    Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are located at the entrance and exit to the car park. When you enter your registration number when paying via any of the above methods the system calculates how long your vehicle has been in the car park.


Q. What happens if my vehicle registration number is not recognised by the cameras?

A.   There are a small number of occasions when the camera is unable to recognise the vehicle registration number, if this happens there is a manual process to follow which is explained during each screen on the payment machine or you can seek assistance at one of our help points.


Q. Do I need to display a ticket in my car?

A.   No, this is a ticketless system.


Q. Can I get a receipt for my carpark charge?

A. You can obtain a receipt at the payment machine.


Q. What happens if I forget to pay?

A.   If you forget to pay the system won’t allow you to leave the car park. There is a help point at the exit barrier for you to contact us for assistance.


Q. Do disabled badge holders have to pay?

A.   Yes, all users of the car park must pay to park.


Q. Do all car parks in Durham use the ANPR system?

A.   No, only the Prince Bishops car park in Durham uses the ANPR system.


If you have any questions regarding our new car park system please call Centre Management on 0191 375 0416.