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Oar-some charity events!

Retail and management staff cycled a total of 630km in 7 hours and 12 days later rowed from Dover to Calais raising £464.60 all in aid of our nominated charity partner, If U Care Share Foundation.  The charity, based in Great Lumley specialise in promoting emotional wellbeing in young people as well as suicide prevention and intervention. 


The bike-a-thon that took place on 31st May saw management and security as well as retail staff battle it out in time challenges with Jesse Kemp from H&M, Durham being crowned the overall champion managing to cycle 20.93km in 30 minutes contributing to the grand total of 630km


On Sunday 12th June, the same weekend as the famous Durham regatta, teams ‘rowed’ from Dover to Calais, a distance of 33.1 km all without leaving Durham city centre!  Five different teams entered the rowing challenge with Team If U Care Share narrowly beating Whisky River by a matter of metres in just under 2.5 hours.


Matthew Smith from If U Care Share said: “thank you to those who took part in the cycling event and everyone who supported it. As someone who is terrible at cycling I have the upmost respect for all that took part! I’d also like to thank those that joined us in the row-a-thon, it was a fantastic competition for us at If U Care Share and we had a great day even though we’ve been aching ever since! Not only have these events raised a fantastic amount of money it also gets people talking about the subject that is suicide.”


Richard Toynbee, centre manager  said: “Thank you to everyone who took part in our mini Olympics! We are fully committed to doing everything we can in order to support If U Care Share Foundation, our official charity partner for 2016. Having these sporting challenges work really well in raising cash and awareness of a topic that is not easy to talk about.”