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Prince Bishops Shopping Centre's Charity of the Year 2017/8

Left Image: Having a giggle with Joseph, 11 and his therapists. All therapy is play-based.Left Image: Having a giggle with Joseph, 11 and his therapists. All therapy is play-based.


A few weeks ago we lauched an online plea for local charities to support in 2017/18 following a successful year working with If U Care Share Foundation, a suicide prevention charity. Many charities were nominated and over 4,500 votes were counted but in the end Heel & Toe Children's Charity, based just outside of Durham city won and we couldn't be happier to be working with such a worthwile organisation!


Heel & Toe Children's Charity was established to help children with cerebral palsy and any other movement conditions, by providing free Conductive Education Therapy. In 2009, they extended their service to help children with dyspraxia. This week our Marketing & Tenant Liaison Coordinator Georgina Thomson paid them a visit to see in person the wonderful work that goes on there, helping children of all ages overcome problems with their movement, enabling them to be more active and live more independent lives.


Georgina commented, " I got to see three different sessions during my visit where I met with  the Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, therapists and children of varying ages while they were actually in therapy as well as a tour of the building. I was genuinely moved by the care and love shown by the staff at Heel & Toe and just watching how the children reacted to the play-based therapy had us all smiling and laughing, especially Joseph who is particularly fond of high fives! All of us at Prince Bishops Shopping Centre are all looking forward to the next 12 months working with such a wonderful charity, stay posted for fundraising activities!"

Right Image: Georgina got to meet Leah and her therapist , mid therapy session!