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See the 'CLOUD' at Prince Bishops during Lumiere

If you’ve been to Lumiere before, you will know that it’s not to be missed! 


Since 2009, the UK’s largest light festival has been transforming areas across the country through large-scale projections, interactive artworks and inspirational installations created by a diverse range of artists. This November, Lumiere returns to its birthplace in Durham, bringing together a selection of favourite artworks from previous exhibitions alongside new, exciting pieces and community projects. 


Durham’s landscape will be set alight and visitors dazzled by these stunning light-based pieces of art, and we’re thrilled to announce that Prince Bishop is sponsoring the 'CLOUD' as part of this year's festival. 


For four days, we will be displaying the show-stopping “CLOUD”, by Canadian artists Caitlind R.C. Brown and Wayne Garrett here at Prince Bishops Shopping Centre. Initially commissioned by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, CLOUD is an interactive sculpture designed to draw audiences together by inviting them to pull hanging chains in order to induce a ‘lightning’ style affect. Playful, collaborative and visually enchanting, CLOUD is an absolute must-see of the exhibition and we can't wait to welcome it to the centre.



The full programme is announced on Thursday 17th October, but if like us you can't wait, why not keep up to date with the exhibitions latest news here. To help you navigate the festival and make the most of your visit, download the FREE Lumiere App before you arrive.


Lumiere comes to Durham on 14th-17th November 2019. Continuing on from previous events, tickets for this event are free and will be released on Monday 28th October through the Lumiere website, Gala Theatre, DCC library and leisure centres. 

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